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Become a Conference Partner

JUG Ru Group offers various scenarios of partner integrations to meet your business goals. From promoting your IT brand to audience research.

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It will help you

  • Find employees

    Our conferences bring together experienced developers with a variety of competencies. Among them you are sure to find the one you are looking for in your team.

  • Increase brand awareness

    A subject conference is a great place to talk about the products or services you develop.

  • Improve your image

    Your speakers’ talks or other activities will increase your brand awareness and credibility.

  • Collect data for audience research

    And test product hypotheses based on it.


    How it works

    1. We will include your materials in the conference program and help with the preparation of your speakers.

    2. Conduct an advertising campaign and attract all interested participants.

    3. Provide an area for your booth. You will be able to interact with the audience, share merch, hold quizzes and contests.

    4. Provide you with the necessary positioning and branding for the event.

    5. Prepare for you an individual report on the results of the conference. It will reflect qualitative and quantitative indicators in the framework of partner participation.

    Our Partners

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    • Logo Alfa-Bank
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    • Logo Tinkoff
    • Logo GPB
    • Logo OZON
    • Logo Raiffeisen Bank
    • Logo CFT
    • Logo Garage Eight
    • Logo IT-ONE
    • Logo Kaspersky

    Upcoming conferences

    • Flow 2023

      Flow 2023

      Conference on systems and business analysis

    • DevOops 2023

      DevOops 2023

      Engineering Solutions and DevOps Culture Conference

    • SmartData 2023

      SmartData 2023

      Conference on Data Engineering

    • DotNext 2023

      DotNext 2023

      Conference for .NET developers

    • Joker 2023

      Joker 2023

      Сonference for experienced Java developers

    • Heisenbug 2023 Autumn

      Heisenbug 2023 Autumn

      Testing conference not just for testers

    • Mobius 2023 Autumn

      Mobius 2023 Autumn

      The conference for mobile developers

    • HolyJS 2023 Autumn

      HolyJS 2023 Autumn

      Conference for JavaScript developers

    • PiterPy 2023

      PiterPy 2023

      The conference for those who code in Python and use it in practice

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