Give a talk at a conference

Our conferences bring together specialists of middle and senior level: software developers, engineers, QA engineers, analysts, architects, and team leaders. You will have a chance to discuss your ideas with them.

Submit a proposal

Our conferences

From idea to performance

  1. You submit a proposal on the website. We get in touch with you within 2–3 days.

  2. If your idea matches the conference theme, we include your talk in the program and assign you a supervisor.

  3. We help you prepare: work through the material with you, give feedback, and rehearse.

  4. You give a talk at the conference. You get a recording, feedback, and statistics.

Why would I want to give a talk

Speaking at a conference is an opportunity to

  • Share your story

    You can discuss your projects or break down difficult cases from the team’s work. This helps to promote your personal brand and improves your public speaking skills.

  • Share experiences

    Experts and experienced industry specialists are the best people to talk to when it comes to real tasks and technical specifics. This is both a discussion of interesting solutions and productive networking.

  • Explore the subject deeper

    Talk preparation is a proven way to organize your knowledge and further explore your professional field.

  • Gain knowledge and benefit

    You’ll get free tickets to all the conferences of the season and a 4K recording of your talk. We will also provide you with statistics on your performance and feedback from attendees.

How the organizer will help

  • Prepare your material

    Personal supervisor will help with the preparation for the performance.

    You will work with him on the structure of the talk and the logic of the presentation. He will ask the right technical questions to make the material even more interesting or deeper. All you have to do is the idea, and together we will bring the performance to the production state.

  • Support with a performance

    At all stages you will be assisted by the Program Committee and the technical team.

    Our experts will moderate the discussion after your presentation: they will voice questions and arrange the order of their discussion. And the technical team will set up the sound, filming, and display of the materials — you will be clearly visible and audible.

    We will help you at the slightest hitch.

Where can I give a talk from

  • Online

    You connect from home or from our studio in St. Petersburg.

    Experts on the air, questions from viewers, discussion rooms and chats. Instant audience response.

  • Offline

    You perform live in front of an audience.

    Change of scenery. Live communication with colleagues and other speakers. Old friends and new acquaintances.

What feedback the speakers provide

    Looking forward to your proposals 

    We will contact you within 2–3 days after submitting your proposal to discuss details.