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Do you want to improve your development team and create products while keeping up with trends? IT conferences will help you with this task.

How and why to send your employees to events.

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Why would you want this

  • Increase the level of expertise

    Our conferences help navigate the industry: trends, tools, approaches, global language and platform updates.

  • Motivate employees

    Tickets to major IT conferences as a performance bonus are a great motivator.

  • Change of scenery

    Developers themselves appreciate the live performances, networking with colleagues, and having a great time. And for you, it’s developers who don’t burn out.

  • Find new ideas

    Participants can debate with speakers and colleagues, which is an exchange of experience and new knowledge that can be implemented into the work process.

Statistics for 2021

Some figuresfor the year 2021

  • 4000of participants
  • 90%of customers wanted to come back
  • 82%of participants recommended the conference to their friends

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