Personal data processing consent

  1. I (hereinafter referred to as the User), using one of the websites available on the Internet at the web addresses:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (hereinafter Service), owned by a limited liability company «Jug Ru Group», OGRN 1177847388465, INN 7801341446, KPP 780101001, Registered address: 199004, St. Petersburg, V.O. 9th Line, 34, Lit. A, office. 500 (hereinafter referred to as the Operator), in accordance with the User Agreement for its use, freely, willingly and in my own interest, provide the Operator with my specific, informed, conscious, substantive and unambiguous consent to process the following personal data:
    • last name, first name, patronymic (if any);
    • e-mail address;
    • cell phone number;
    • city of residence;
    • place of work or study;
    • profession, position;
    • token;
    • HTTP headers;
    • IP address of the Device;
    • cookie data;
    • data collected by counters;
    • data collected by web beacons;
    • browser information;
    • technical specifications of the Device and software;
    • technical data about the operation of the Service, including dates and times of use and access to it;
    • identifiers of the requested windows of the Service interface;
  2. Within the framework of the given consent I give the Operator the right to perform with my personal data any actions including, but not limited to: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, change), use, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, transfer of personal data to partners of Administration which list is given on the Administration website, and also performance of other necessary actions with personal data in view of the current legislation.
  3. This consent is given by me for the duration of the User Agreement for the use of the Service or any other agreement with the Operator.
  4. This consent is provided by me for the purposes of executing the User Agreement on the use of the Service, including providing me with technical or other support when using the Service, as well as for the following purposes:
    • consideration by the Operator of the possibility to conclude any contracts and agreements with me, making a decision on offering products and services, agreeing the terms and conditions of such contracts and agreements with the Operator, concluding contracts and agreements with the Operator, using the Operator’s services;
    • improving the quality of service of the Operator, organization of improvement of the software of the Service;
    • the use of my personal data for the proper functioning of the Service in accordance with my expectations, in particular for my correct identification;
    • creation of data information systems, analysis, modelling, forecasting, building mathematical models, construction of scoring models, their use, and transfer of information processing results to third parties, analysis of aggregated and anonymous data, other statistical and research purposes;
    • conducting statistical and other studies on the use of the Service on the basis of depersonalized data;
    • promotion of Operator products and services, including transfer of information and advertising messages about Operator services by means of direct contacts via telephone, mobile radio-telephone network and other means, messengers, SMS messaging, messaging via instant messaging services, e-mailing, push notifications, holding promotional events, including contests and other promotional campaigns organized by the Operator; conducting marketing programs, various offers, promotions, and advertising activities related to the Service;
    • other purposes to be specified in the contracts and agreements concluded between me and the Operator.
  5. Processing of my personal data is allowed both with and without the use of automation tools in accordance with applicable law. At the same time, actions with my personal data, such as use, clarification, distribution, destruction of personal data, are performed with the direct participation of individual people.
  6. It is allowed to process my personal data using information systems for data protection (DPM-systems), including those belonging to third parties and provided to the Operator on the basis of a corresponding contract or agreement, provided that the confidentiality of personal data is protected.
  7. This consent to the processing of my personal data extends to any processing of my personal data by the Operator prior to the provision of this consent.
  8. This consent is either signed by my simple electronic signature, the application of which is set forth in the User Agreement on the use of the Service, adopted at the time of my registration on the Service, or expressed by my implied by conduct acts of using of the Service.
  9. I am informed that my consent to the processing of personal data can be withdrawn by me by sending a corresponding application to the e-mail address:
  10. I am informed that withdrawing my consent to the processing of such personal data may result in automatic termination of my right to use the Service.
  11. I am informed that if I withdraw my consent to process my personal data, the Operator has the right to continue processing my personal data without my consent, if there are grounds established by law.
  12. I am informed that in case of withdrawal of my consent to processing of personal data the Operator stops processing or ensures termination of such processing (if processing of personal data is performed by another person acting on behalf of the Operator) and if preservation of personal data is no longer required for the purposes of personal data processing, destroys or ensures destruction of personal data within thirty days from the date the specified withdrawal is received.