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JUG Ru Group organizes and conducts custom-made events and informal meetings of specialists to discuss working issues and share experiences.

We offer marketing support, concept development and technical maintenance of events to achieve your business goals.

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Talk Production

It will help you

  • Find employees among experienced developers

  • Tell about your products and services

  • Increase recognition of the IT-brand

  • Test product hypotheses

What we offer

  1. Think of a concept that meets your business needs
    • Build the program.
    • Select speakers or prepare your own.
    • Organize rehearsals and help them with the performance.
  2. Run a marketing campaign
    • Involve all interested participants.
    • Prepare an analytical report for you and collect feedback from participants and speakers.
  3. Organize your event online or offline
    • Ensure everyone is comfortable participating in the broadcast.
    • Make 4K video recordings of the performances so you can share them in your channels.
    • Our support team will always be in touch.

Event organization experience in figures

  • 200+meetups
  • 11years of experience
  • 500-2500participants at each meetup
  • 60%developers
    senior and middle

Our clients

  • Logo SBER
  • Logo RT Labs
  • Logo GPB
  • Logo Magnit
  • Logo IT-ONE
  • Logo RSHB
  • Logo Rosbank


EPAM "Spring-cloud goes cloud" meetup

  • Streaming platform

    • up to 10 000 viewers;
    • video in quality up to 4K;
    • user activity monitoring.

    We can stream video through other services, from open and free (YouTube, VK, Facebook, Twitch) to professional ones (AWS Elemental, Facecast).

  • Equipped studio

    • 4K video cameras, 5G Internet, uninterrupted power, professional sound;
    • TV prompters with texts for hosts and speakers;
    • chromakey, monotone or branded backgrounds.
  • On-Air Team

    • on-air producer and assistants;
    • video engineers and cameramen;
    • editing team;
    • sound engineer;;
    • content specialist.

    Quality uninterrupted broadcasting is provided by several shifts of specialists, who substitute each other.

Order an event

A manager will contact you and help to coordinate all necessary documents and support of the event. After the meetup or conference we will send you all the closing documents and the report on the activity of the participants.

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