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About us

Organizing the largest conferences and meetups for developers in Russia has been at the heart of our company for many years. Our main goal is the development of Russian IT engineers’ community. We achieve it by creating specialized venues to make experience exchange and networking for advanced developers more accessible and fruitful.

Therefore, only technical talks are included in our program which is formed in such a way as to gather and unite enthusiastic developers who are willing to share their experience and discuss solutions of challenging problems and projects.

We are always happy to see you as a participant of a conference or a meetup

Sponsorship of a conference or a meetup gives you the opportunity to solve different tasks:

To raise visibility of your company's products and services between programmers. To introduce your company as a potential employer. Sponsorship Package may include:

An opportunity to give a welcome speech at the conference opening. Placement of sponsor's logo on the conference website, printed conference program leaflets and other vehicles. Placement of sponsor's leaflets, brochures and other promotional materials in participant’s packs. Participating with a booth at the conference: competitions, demonstrations and promo-campaigns holding, communication with participants. Including your company's technical talk into the main conference program.

CONTACT US: partners@jugru.org

Our team

Natalya Gitelson
Natalya Gitelson Lead Account Manager
Andrei Dmitriev
Andrei Dmitriev Production director
Ivan Dolgov
Ivan Dolgov Account Executive
Maksim Zverev
Maksim Zverev CTO
Tatyana Kapitan
Tatyana Kapitan Event-director
Alexey Fyodorov
Alexey Fyodorov Producer
Maria Frolova
Maria Frolova CMO