Contributor’s consent for publication of content on the site (for speakers, experts, hosts, moderators, Program Committee members)

  1. I (hereinafter — User), freely, willingly and in my own interest, provide to the Limited Liability Company «Jug Ru Group», OGRN 1177847388465, INN 7801341446, KPP 780101001, registered address: 199004, St. Petersburg, V.O. 9th line, 34, Lit. A, office. 500 (hereinafter referred to as the «Operator»), established and acting in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, this specific, informed, conscious, substantive and unambiguous Consent (hereinafter — the «Consent») to the processing of personal data, authorized by me for distribution, for the following purpose: indicating my personal data on information resources of the Operator for the purpose of informing users of these resources about my participation as a speaker in events, conferences, meetups organized by the Operator.

  2. The Operator has the right to process the following personal data («Personal Data»):

    1. last name, first name, patronymic (if applicable);
    2. profession (position);
    3. place of work;
    4. my image.
  3. Information about the information resources of the Operator (sites, services), through which the provision of access (disclosure) to an indefinite (unlimited) range of persons and other actions with Personal Data will be performed:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  4. Other actions with Personal Data by an indefinite (unlimited) group of persons include:

    1. collection;
    2. recording;
    3. systematization;
    4. accumulation;
    5. storage;
    6. specifying (updating, changing);
    7. extraction;
    8. use;
    9. transfer (distribution, provision);
    10. depersonalization;
    11. blocking.

    Consent means that I have not established any prohibited actions for processing Personal Data by an indefinite (unlimited) range of persons in accordance with clause 5.1.

  5. Terms of transmission of Personal Data by the Operator over the network:

    1. Transfer of Personal Data using information and telecommunications networks — Personal Data may be transferred by the Operator using information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet.
  6. Consent is valid for the following period: from the date it is given until the expiration date of the user agreement on the use of the Service or any other agreement with the Operator.

  7. I understand that my failure to submit Personal Data to the Operator, or my submission of inaccurate, incomplete, irrelevant Personal Data to the Operator, or my failure to notify (late notification) the Operator of changes in Personal Data may make it impossible to achieve the purpose of Personal Data processing stipulated by the Consent.

  8. I understand that full or partial withdrawal of the Consent, as well as the termination of the Personal Data provided by the Consent to an indefinite (unlimited) range of persons may lead to the impossibility of achieving the purpose of Personal Data processing provided by the Consent.

  9. By providing this Consent, I agree that:

    1. the Personal Data provided by me to the Operator and (or) persons authorized by the Operator are accurate, complete and up-to-date as of the date of their provision;
    2. when I provide information and (or) documents containing Personal Data to the Operator, I do not violate applicable laws or the lawful rights and interests of third parties;
    3. I have read the terms of processing Personal Data and that I understand their content, including my rights as a subject of Personal Data and the possible consequences of my refusal to give Consent and (or) withdrawal of Consent;
    4. the Consent is independent of other (including similar) consents to the processing of Personal Data, if such have been and/or will be provided by me to the Operator, as well as if such consents have been and/or will be requested from me by the Operator;
    5. the Operator is entitled to process my Personal Data on the basis of one or more of my consents.