Full Pass

In Spring 2024, we will be holding nine IT conferences.

Full Pass is a ticket for online participation in all the conferences.

Our conferences

  • SafeCode 2024

    SafeCode 2024

    Conference on Application Security

  • GoFunc 2024

    GoFunc 2024

    Conference on Go development

  • JPoint 2024

    JPoint 2024

    Conference for Java developers community

  • I'ML 2024

    I'ML 2024

    Training, application and maintenance of models in production

Materials from JUG Ru Group

Want to learn more about us?

We’ve put together materials about how our conferences are run and everything around them. That way you can see the quality of our product beforehand and make an informed decision.

Materials from JUG Ru Group


JUG Ru Group

Conferences — more than just a talk. It’s your professional advancement, networking and career prospects. Come join us!