Our events

Joker — the conference Java

Joker (St. Petersburg) is a deeply technical Java conference for experienced Senior / Regular developers and teamleads.

Joker passes within two days and guarantees you a lot of strong and technically complex reports which you will be able to discuss with 1000 colleagues-participants of the conference. In addition, traditionally on Joker you can find something interesting for the joy: for example, in 2015 we had a museum of retro computers, where participants could work for the legendary Apple Lisa or other vintage gadgets.

The conference is aimed at participants with deep background in Java. Strong and technically complex talks guarantee high quality of the audience. A wide coverage of the target audience and high professional level of the participants will be provided with rich organizational experience, careful selection of talks and after all with the direction of the program on specific practical things.

DotNext .NET — the Conference .NET

The only .NET-conference in Russia, conducted every year in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. DotNext programs include only technical hardcore talks from the best Microsoft evangelists, leading developers of JetBrains, DevExpress, as well as international experts such as Sasha Goldshtein and Dino Esposito and also from practical developers .NET and C # hub, authors on Habr, SPb & MSK .NET Community leaders and the RSDN community, No Scrum, Agile or any "marketing" bullshit — only technical talks about performance and multithreading optimization, on .NET and CLR platform underhood, on the profiling and debugging of the .NET applications, as well as on the present and the future of the platform itself.

Heisenbug - the Сonference QA

Heisenbug is a large technical conference that brings together more than 500 experts in the field of software testing. These are either testers or programmers who testing their code, as well as experts in automatic and stress testing, teamleads who think about improving the efficiency of testing in their projects. The one day program will cover about 20 talks in 3 tracks. We will talk about the most important - practical and hardcore testing on real projects.

HolyJS - the Сonference JavaScript

HolyJS is the only major conference in Russia devoted only to JavaScript world. Technical talks picked out exactly for the professional audience of Senior / Middle JS-developers.

Within the program there are only technical talks without anything about processes, methodologies, management of people in startups. Speaking more specifically, it`s all about development, optimization and architecture of JavaScript-projects, work with data and the distributed calculations, and even programming of microcontrollers on JS!

The first conference was held in 2016 and gathered more than 400 participants, becoming one of the key steps in the development of the Russian JavaScript community.

JBreak - the Сonference Java

JBreak (Novosibirsk) is the only Siberian Java-conference. It was held in 2016 for the first time and gathered together more than 300 experienced Senior / Middle developers and team leads. The main feature of JBreak is pure technical hardcore.

Key topics : (/are) performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in the Java world, as well as the future of the platform.

JPoint - the Сonference Java

JPoint (Moscow) is hardcore technical Java-conference only for experienced Java-developers and only about R&D.

Every year the conference last for 2 days and gathers more than 1000 participants. In general the program holds 45 talks in 4 tracks.

Key topics: performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in the Java world, as well as the future of the platform.

Among speakers you will find: Aleksey Shipilev, Charles Nutter, Sergey Kuksenko and Vladimir Ivanov, Evgeniy Borisov, Andrey Breslav, Arun Gupta, Barukh Sadogursky, as well as representatives of Oracle, JetBrains, Red Hat, Epam, IBM, SAP, Mail.ru Group, Sberbank-Technologies, Deutsche Bank, Luxoft and many others.

Mobius - the Conference Mobile developers

Surely you already were at mobile development conferences and you know what it is ... Now imagine that they carefully cut out all the marketing bullshit "selling" reports and completely focused on hardcore and clean practice. Now add to this the opportunity to communicate with 200 fellow developers (80% of which are Middle and Senior) and expert speakers on the sidelines. So you get Mobius - the main independent conference on mobile development in Russia!

Mobius is a conference for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other mobile platforms developers. You have surely visited some of mobile development conferences and know what is it… Now imagine that we carefully cut out from the program all the marketing bullshit and "selling" talks completely focused the program hardcore development and pure practice.

Almost there! Now add the opportunity to communicate to more than 200 colleagues developers (from which 80% are of Middle and Senior level) and experts-speakers in special discussion zones. Congratulations, so you get Mobius - the main independent conference on mobile development in Russia!

DevOops - the Conference DevOps

The DevOops conference focuses on all things relevant to DevOps.

program consists of content divided into 3 levels of difficulty (aka hardcoreness): introduction to technology, for practicing engineers, hardcore.

SmartData - the Conference SmartData

SmartData is a technical conference for those involved with the world of machine learning, analysis and data processing.

TechTrain - the festival TechTrain

TechTrain is a big festival for developers, engineers, and their kindred souls. This festival gathers all those who love software development under the same roof.

CodeFreeze - the meetups Meetup

CodeFreeze is an open meeting with experts from the IT world in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Actual topics and hot discussions - all of this allows CodeFreeze meetings to gather more than a hundred participants (although there are also not so outnumbered meetings).

Our goal is to find interesting people from the IT world and provide them with an opportunity to share their experience in an informal atmosphere & state. Most often the meetings are devoted to purely technical issues: highload, approaches to software development, work with databases, security, open source and software architecture.

JUG.ru (Java User Group) Meetup

JUG.ru (Java User Group) is a Russian community of Java developers. The team JUG.ru monthly holds open meetings in St. Petersburg, gathering up to 200 developers. Within the meetings experts present the talks on the hottest topics of the Java world:

  • Java under the hood / JVM;
  • Java Performance;
  • Concurrency;
  • Working with databases;
  • Programming on JVM-based languages.

JUG.ru meetups are a discussion of problems from the Java world in Russian or English. Among the experts JUG.ru you will find people from:

  • Oracle;
  • JetBrains;
  • Odnoklassniki;
  • AZUL Systems;
    And many others.

«No_slides» - Interviews Interviews

«No_slides» are interviews with the leading Russian IT specialists on the most acute and hot topics in the field of technology, programming and development tools: from the intrinsics of compilers and optimization of concurrency to releases of new IDEs. However, no talks are carried out without speaking about the philosophy of experts from the programming world.

«No_slides» is the interview from developers for developers: hardcore, honest and without notes. Among participants of «No_slides» (/are): Dmitry Zavalishin, Aleksey Shipilev, Roman Elizarov, Dmitry Nesteruk, Sergey Shkredov etc.